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Els Ports mountains, known as the mountains of the three kings, form a chalky massif northwest of Tortosa.  It is said that there is a place in these wild mountains where the ancient Spanish Kingdoms of Catalonia, Aragón and Valencia converged, marked by a huge flat rock which served as a table at which the three kings could meet, each in his own kingdom.  It is an exceptionally complex limestone relief that rises to heights  over 1,000m with a wealth of spectacular cliffs and gorges gouged out by the rivers. The highest peak in Els Ports is Mont Caro at 1447m.  The flora is rich and varied.  Of particular interest are the beech woods, among the most southerly in Europe which are sheltered on some of the shady slopes of the massif. This natural reserve offers the possibility to see many migratory and indigenous birds such as flamingos, storks and herons.  The peaks of Els Ports are home to eagles, vultures and mountain goats.  Make sure that you do not miss the warm springs of Font Calda.   

To see/do
Hiking/walking – There is a network of walking trails throughout the massif with a large number of published maps and guides.
Mountain biking – there are a number of specialised itineraries for mountain biking in the area.
Climbing – The Benet rocks, with a score of open climbs, attract rock climbers to Els Ports.
Potholing – the caves and potholes which have been gouged out by the rivers are much appreciated by speleologists.
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