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The origin of El Perello dates back to the prehistoric period as can be seen by the cave paintings found nearby. It was once occupied by the Romans and several remains have been found as has part of the Via Augusta. The town was fortified due to the many attacks by the Moors.  In 1308, Queen Blanca of Anjou, sponsored the founding of the Perelló Hospital so that the poor and sick as well as the pilgrims who passed through had a place to rest and recover.  In 1640, during the War of the Reapers, Perelló was attacked by the troops of the Marquis of Velez.  Hardly had the town recovered than it was then involved in the War of Succession.  Later, during the Spanish Civil War, the town was bombed by pro-Franco planes.  Nowadays, El Perelló is a market town, with its inhabitants mainly dedicated to agricultural activities such as the harvesting of olives and carobs.  
To do/see
There is an outdoor market on Saturdays. Visit the fascinating Moli d’Oli and see the olives being pressed for oil.  Also in the town are several restaurants which offer a very good menu of the day at reasonable prices. On the outskirts of the town are the remains of a moorish tower.  Just outside El Perelló are the cave paintings which have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  El Perelló also has 5kms of coastline which includes many little bays, some of fine sand and others rocky.  
Week of the 17th January – Sant Antoni Abat.  During this very colourful festival everyone can take their pets to the church to have them blessed.  The streets are full of people on horseback and also in small carriages pulled by Shetland ponies, all on their way to be blessed.  The festival includes dances, live music and a typical cake (coca) which is offered to everyone with a special drink made for the occasion.
April Fair – this is dedicated mainly to the tasting and sale of local food products, especially the local honey and oil made in the town.
June – Corpus Christi Feast where the streets of the town are adorned with carpets made of flowers and rice.
14th and 15th August – the Summer Festival is celebrated on the beach of Santa Llúcia.  On the 14th there is a dinner for everyone and a party on the beach.  On the 15th there are activities for all tastes and ages.  Grilled sardines can be eaten accompanied by fishermen’s songs.  A firework display terminates the two-day celebrations.
11th September – Catalan National Day.  At the Sant Cristòfol Hermitage, a huge paella is cooked and then offered to everyone present.  

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