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Just 23 kms north of Tortosa and in a prime position on the Ebro is the town of Benifallet. Cave paintings have been found in the Cova de Culla dating back to the Neolithic Age.  A large quantity of ceramics have been found showing that the Phoenicians were once in the area as were the Roman which has been confirmed by the remains of a town and it is known that a necropolis once existed there.  During the Spanish Civil War Benifallet underwent a lot of damage due its proximity to the front.

To do/see
In the town centre itself its narrow and torturous streets were once surrounding a castle which has long since disappeared although there are still many vestiges of the pass of its Moorish history.  6kms south of Benifallet are located the The Benifallet Caves (Coves de Benifallet). Of the six caves, Cove Meravelles (Cave of wonders) is the one that stands out above the others because of the large quantity of stalagmites and stalactites in comparison to the size of the cave and the abundance of eccentric mineral masses that make the cave a place of beauty and mystery. This and La Cove del Dos are open to the public and guided tours are available.  

5th January – Festival of the Three Kings where children of the town are given gifts by the Three Kings.
1st May – Festival of the Caves.  Lunch is offered to everyone upon presentation of the corresponding ticket.  A dance is held in the area in front of the caves where everyone is invited to participate.      
23rd June – Sant Joan – According to tradition, eve of Sant Joan is when evil spirits in the form of effigies are burned on bonfires.  When the fires are almost out, people jump over them to cleanse their bodies of possible contamination by the evil spirits.
7th to 11th September – Benifallet Major Festival – Typical dances of the region with young girls in costume wearing Spanish